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Friday, January 27, 2006

Conundrum of the day

My husband has just decided he doesn't want to be called bagel boy on my blog. Those who know him can you offer another name.

Trip to the library

Today I went to the library and picked up items I had on reserve that came in.

I got some
  • travel books for my trip to Europe (too bad they are so long or i could read them for the challenge, what did we decide about reference books, bstab?
  • a few fiction books
  • Sideways on DVD, which I had never seen
  • Carmen Electra DVD
Of course, I had to try the video to see how it was, even though I said this was my day off.
The tape consists of three routines each with instruction.
The first one is really just an intro and I did that and then of course had to see if the next one was actually a real routine. It was, but I just did the intro.
It was a decent fun workout, definitely not hard even the choreography I could handle. I may when I have money to burn , by the second disc since I heard that one was better.

30 Minutes of Carmen dvd
10 minutes of yoga stretching before work

Blog Art

Turn your blog into art...actually a t-shirt...but still pretty cool

Snack ideas

The superbowl is coming and I am trying to find some lower fat/lower calorie snack ideas or food ideas in general for the superbowl. Does anyone have any good suggestions?

Happy Friday

Thank Goodness its Friday. This week seems to going slow at least the work parts of it, and I was glad that today if finally the end of the work week.

I am really tired today, and sore. I spent the first half of my work day trying to do a few projects and therefore didn't leave my office for almost four hours. This is bad because by the time I went to move my muscles were all stiff. Today it is the butt and ab muscles , which is good because both those areas need work .

I tried once again to get up early this morning and failed horribly. I did do yoga stretching again this morning.
Not sure if I will work out today as bagel boy is working both days this weekend, which means I will have a lot of free time this weekend to work out both days. That being said, I know he will be working out tonight and I feel like I should to.