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Thursday, January 26, 2006


I just read this article about a scorpion that survived 15 months without food or water.

As a november baby and a scorpio, I take this as further proof that what they say about scorpio's are true that we are stubborn and refuse to give up.

Workout Update

I really don't have a ton to say and blogger is being a pain today, but wanted to update my workout for today so here goes.

10 minutes Yoga Stretch before work
30 minute 1.5 mile walk at lunch
20 minutes of absolute power basic workout
35 Minute of Biggest Loser Low Cardio workout and cool down.

I know Rae asked who the biggest loser instructor was and it is Bob and he is really good.

The absolute power dvd was one of my dollar finds at Target. It is pretty decent, but definitly not as good as the biggest loser in terms of level of workout. I finished and said oh was that it, that wasn't hard.

I did the biggest loser with bagel boy when he got home and it continues to kick my butt.

So much for getting up early

I tried I really did, I had bagelboy set my alarm for 6 am when he left this morning . I made it up by 7. I had zero motivation to get up. Partly because I stayed up to watch the end of the michigan game. YAY MICHIGAN! GO BLUE!!!!!

I did manage to get up a little bit earlier then usual and was able to squeeze in yoga. I really am going to keep trying to get up early . I think I can do it.