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Wednesday, January 25, 2006


As you can see we have no room in our freezer now at all.

What's in my fridge

Inspired by simba's mom, and a trip to the grocery store today.

Finding a rhythm

I am still trying to work on finding the right schedule or structure for my life right now. I have always been a person who likes to plan things. When we go on trips, I do research and am well prepared. When we go shopping I cut coupons and make lists

I think what is hard about starting on a new path in life is that you don't always know what pattern or schedule to keep. I have been trying to figure out what amount of exercise to do, how many days a week to do it, and how often to do which types of exercise. I have read other people's blogs, asked for advice from others, and I am still not sure if I am doing enough and if I am, am I doing it often enough.

I also think its the fact that I am throwing something new into my daily schedule and I am still trying to figure out what time is the best time to do things. I do enjoy doing the yoga in the morning and I think I will try to continue that, but I am not a morning person so it has been a struggle to get up and do it.

I think I will figure it out eventually, through trial and error. I think as long as I keep on moving I should be ok.

Yoga Stretching in the AM 10 minutes
Biggest Loser: Strength and Conditioning including warm up and cool down 35 minutes
This workout involves weights, but also includes a bunch of ab work


In my office, we have a lunch area and there tends to always be snacks of some sort that people brought in. Within the last week, there has been a birthday cake, friendship bread, hershey's kisses, oatmeal cookies and a bunch of other items. I have resisted the temptation to indulge day after day. Today, I was sitting at the lunch table eatting my healthy lunch , snacking on carrots , when one of my co-workers said "oh i think i need chocolate". I volunteered that I had a jello fat free pudding upstairs that she was welcome to, knowing that she too is interested in losing weight. But then another woman from our office, said "oh there is a box of hershey's in the cupboard, have some of those" So now everyone is eatting chocolate and I am not. Now don't get me wrong, I know I could have a had one or two pieces, but I have decided to pick when I indulge and decided to make it things I really want not anything. So on top of this as I am getting done with lunch, a co-worker walks in with 2 large pizza's , the cheap 5.00 a pizza kind, and everyone is grabbing pizza and eatting it. Now I love pizza, its one of my favorites, and I haven't had really pizza since New Years. I have had a South Beach pizza lunch or a lean cuisine pizza sub, but thats all.

I might have been tempted, but the thing is that it wasn't even good pizza and I know that if I am going to eat pizza it is going to be pizza that I really like. That being said, I haven't been craving pizza. When I was sick with the stomach flu it was one of the foods that I had issues I 've been avoiding it.

I think I've been pretty good about resisting temptation and I realize that I am going to make mistakes along the way. I am just hoping that it gets easier not harder.

Blog Fiasco

So I had a bit of a fiasco this afternoon, I decided to change the template to my blog and then realized that all my links and stuff were suddenly at the bottom of my blog instead of on the side. Well it took one smart friend and bit of fooling around , I figured out that the quiz I added yesterday messed everything up.

I was so frustrated it gave me a headache . I am glad it is fixed now. remind me not to change things.

Sore Muscles

I have found since I started working out regularily that I randomly have different muscle soreness depending on the workout.

The yoga dvd from the library aggravated my left shoulder, but I think baths and morning stretching is helping with that. I did yoga again this morning and it helped.

I spend most of my day in my office and although I do get up and move around in my office and go down stairs to the bathroom and back at least 3 to 4 times a day, I have found that my muscles stiffen up as I sit here.

I just came back from downstairs and I think the biggest loser workout is definitely working on my thighs, as I am sore from doing so many squats.

I am not sure what workout to do tonight, perhaps I will try a weight workout tonight.

I'm going on a trip

So its official , I'm going to Europe in March to visit my sister and her family. I am a bit nervous about the trip, but thats not unusual for me. I will be going to the Netherlands and perhaps Germany and Belgium. I have never been out of the country before, besides Canada (which doesn't really count) so this will be a fun adventure.