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Tuesday, January 24, 2006


So Bagel boy and I have signed up to do the Shamrock and Shenanigins 5k in March. We are planning to walk it and do a bit of running, but just aiming to finish. It should be fun.

OH the memories

I saw this on blonde justice and it brings back memories of childhood. MASH

I played and ended up living in a shack with Taye diggs in Michigan with one child, a porsche and life as a gardener


I just finished the biggest loser low cardio workout and thankfully it was easier on day too.

Totals for today
Biggest loser workout with warmup and cooldown 40 minutes
plus 10 minutes of yoga stretching this am.
Update: felt inspired and did 30 crunches...

I may try to do that again tomorrow. it really helped put a positive spin on my day.

Tomorrow it is supposed to be super cold so our lunch time work walk has been rescheduled.

Off to take a much needed bath.

2 weeks

So on Saturday, I reached my two weeks of exercising and eatting better. It seems like so much longer then that. Rae made a good comment on my blog recently that it takes 21 days to create a habit. That means in one more week this should hopefully become something a bit more routine, although in some ways it already feels like it is. I now plan things around when I am working out instead of vice versa. I now use TV not to keep myself busy, but for entertainment purposes. I actually enjoy eatting the food that I've been eatting even the vegetables. I don't miss eatting junk, except for the occassional chocolate craving. Maybe I can pull this off. Maybe isn't an impossible goal.

Its snowing

I've been at work for an hour and a half and since I got here it has snowed at least 1/2 an inch. All the roads and cars are covered. I thought flurries were all that we were going to get. I am glad i don't have to go outside today. May need to re-consider my outdoor lunchtime walk tomorrow.


So Everyone always seems to get such interesting referrals based on searches ,so I thought i would see what mine were.

Mine weren't very entertaining: people searched for haircut, workout, lean cuisine panini and yoga.

But the most bizarre of all : Unusual Hello Kitty pictures ( scares me to think what they were searching for)

Not a good start to my morning

So I woke up this morning and did 10 minutes of yoga stretching and that felt good. I ended up showering this morning and figuring out how to make my hair look decent. So far morning was going good.
I arrive at work on time to find out that I need to cover the reception phone for 6 hours today and that I forgot my morning apple-cinnamon muffin at home.
So much for my relaxing mood this morning .