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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Cooking 101

Today I cooked dinner for bagelboy and I . Now you may think this is a normal thing, wife cooking dinner for her husband. In my household, this is a rather rare occasion. Don't get me wrong, I can cook and do when it is necessary, but for the most part I leave the cooking up to bagel boy. Why, because he enjoys it more then I do , and he is good at it.

That being said, I decided that since we were staying home so he could watch football( instead of going to the in-laws as we usually do) that we should cook dinner instead of getting subway which was our original plan.

We were already at target so we headed over to Meijer to see what was on sale. Bagel boy wanted to get a bunch of foods that would definitely not fit into our eating healthier plan, so told him I would find something and I would cook it . We bought some boneless skinless chicken and sweet potatoes.

I got home and looked for something to marinate the chicken in, only to find that we only had barbecue sauce and a mesquite marinate that bagel boy bought accidentally. I wasn't thrilled with these prospects and decided I would have to wing it. I used lemon juice, lime juice, garlic seasoning, a bit of rosemary and some other random stuff to create a marinate that ended up tasting pretty decent when I taste tested it.

Now keep in mind here, that I usually cook from a recipe or cook things I am already good at cooking or I use a recipe.

Well today I was without either, so I asked bagel boy for advice and ended up baking the chicken breast. Now being the good wife that I am, I thought I would make corn muffins or corn bread to go with the meal since I know bagel boy likes them. Sadly, I opened the package of mix that didn't expire until 6/06 only to find some bug inside. This was not a good start to my cooking. Out to the trash that went

The chicken finished marinating and and went into the oven. I then decided I would mash the sweet potatoes since I am good at mashed potatoes and they were sort of similar. Luckily ,they turned out perfect.

In addition to the chicken and sweet potatoes, I made winter squash (the kind from the freezer). I was pretty impressed that things turned out well, and that bagel boy actually ate everything and said it was good.

I only ended up slightly burning one pot holder, (which got too close to the burner that I forgot was on).

For some reason, cooking things I am not used to cooking stresses me out. Hopefully I can gradually learn to cook new things and be more comfortable in the kitchen.

Constant Gardener

I guess this was movie weekend for us. We finished Constant Gardener this afternoon and I highly recommend it. The movie stars Ralph Fiennes and Rachel Weisz who are both amazing. The basic plot is that Fiennes is trying to figure out why his wife (Weisz) was killed. Weisz was an activist who uncovered a big pharmacetical scandal in Africa. The movie plot wise and scenery wise was amazing. The movie was shot almost entirely in Kenya.

Weisz won the golden globe for Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role.

Book Challenge Update- Book 3 finished.

I just finished My Friend Leonard, the follow up to a Million Little Pieces. I highly recommend both books to anyone who has yet to read them. I am sure by now that everyone or almost everyone has heard of a Million Little Pieces and the controversy surrounding it. I don't really want to spend much time in my blog discussing it other then to say that both books are powerfully moving and well worth reading , even if they aren't all true.

I am going to start book 4 today, which puts me back on track to do 50 books this year. If I can average 4-5 books a month, I will be in great shape.

Adventures with Yoga

I have never tried yoga and I know people say it can be both relaxing and good exercise. So I thought I would give it a try. Keep in mind that I am clumsy and not super flexible.

I borrowed a workout tape from a friend and put it into my vcr earlier this week. Now as you notice I didn't mention this in my workout list this week, because I didn't do the workout i just watched it and realized it was too long and too complicated to hold my interest. I decided to see what my library had and reserved two tapes 20 minute yoga make over total tone with weights and MTV Power Yoga.

Bagel boy and I did the 20 minute dvd this morning and found it to be just about our speed. We still need to work on mastering the poses, and trying not to fall on our faces. Although this wasn't a relaxing yoga tape, it was good for stretching,weight work, toning and flexibility which we need.

After doing this tape, we thought we would look at the MTV one. We turned it on and realized that it was way beyond our abilities at the moment.

We decided that yoga might at least in some form might be a good addition to our workouts .

20 Minutes of yoga with weights
30 minute walking 2 mile tape without weights

Sunday morning

I just woke up and have an awful headache. I think I might be hungry , but am not sure so this won't be long.
Last night , bagel boy ended up having to go back to work and didn't get home until 7 so we decided to just go to Dinner and skip the party that we didn't really want to go to anyway. We went to Chili's and it was good, but the service was slow and it ended up taking us over and hour and a half to get in and out of there which is crazy. We ended up renting Constant Gardener which we started watching last night and decided we were too tired to finish. So far it is really good, I will let you know what I think after I finish all of it.

In case I forgot to mention it, yesterday was my exercise day off. Today I might try a yoga tape for a change of pace.

Off to have breakfast, mmm cookie crisp.

On a side note, I love waking up the day after a haircut and looking in the mirror. Most times I forget for a moment that I got my haircut. Its fun.