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Friday, January 20, 2006

Hustle and Flow

Just finished watching Hustle and Flow and I really liked it. The basic storyline of the movie is that D-Jay (played by Terrence Howard) is a pimp who has a middle life crisis and decides he wants to rap. The movie is gritty and it is a bit tough to watch at parts, mainly because D-Jay the main character is such a good pimp, which doesn't necessarily acquate to being a likeable character. Once you get into the story though, the movie is really good and the music is definitely catchy. Terrence Howard, who is a great actor , does an amazing job in this movie. I also liked him in Crash, which if you haven't seen you should.

I now have the rap from the movie in my head.

40 minute strength conditioning with 5lb weights

Happy Friday

It is 52 degrees here right now and they are predicting 3 inches of snow by tomorrow. Got to love Michigan weather. I walked to work this morning in my winter coat and was way too warm. Thats what I get for not checking the weather forecast before leaving home. I usually do, but I went to bed last night without showering and therefore shower time ended up eating my tv weather time. Oh well I survived, better to be too warm then to walk outside with no coat in the middle of a snow storm.

So the work day is half over which means the weekend is almost here. I don't have anything to excited planned for the weekend, but as I think of it I have more planned then I really thought I did.
Tonight:should be low key which is good, maybe a stop by the library to pick up my new books and fitness videos and a quick stop to the grocery store. I think we are going to watch Hustle and Flow tonight.

Tomorrow: haircut & highlights, date night with bagelboy, interrupted by a hopefully quick stop at a birthday party. There are 50 people invited so hopefully we don't have to stay long. Maybe a movie (workout day off)

Sunday: staying home, bagelboy wants to watch football all day. Maybe I will read instead. I need to catch up.