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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Glory Road

The bagelboy(my new blog nickname for my husband) and I went out for a date tonight to see Glory Road , dinner at Applebees and then a quick trip to Target.

The movie was really good. I am not sure how accurate it was to the actual story, but it was definitely a feel good sports movie. I think it also brought to light a story of triumph over prejudice. And I think it will open (some) people's eyes to see that prejudice existed/exists in sports. Both the bagel boy and I really enjoyed it and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good sports movie.

Applebees was good as well, we had to wait quite sometime , thats what we get for going out on a Saturday night. I did good and ate off the weightwatchers portion of the menu, I had confetti chicken, which was good I substituted the vegetables for a small house salad since I wasn't sure I would like all the vegetables. I also had the weight watchers dessert which was a chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting it was pretty yummy as well.

Our trip to target was good, bagelboy really wanted to get home to watch the game, and wasn't in much mood to go to target, but then again he hates shopping so I don't think that would be different on any other day.
My mission was to find a decently priced digital scale to replace our crappy analog one , which I did. My only other purchases were from the $1 spot which is my favorite section. I got another water bottle ( i now have four, but I figured another would be good) and the I also got a work out dvd in that same section. Its called Absolute Power Strength Conditioning. (notice how the same dvd is 19.95 at It is kind of cheesy but I think it will be a good structured workout for days I want to do strength training. You can't pass up things that cost a dollar. Seems they had a bunch of fitness stuff in the dollar section including 1 pd hand weights, wrist weights, cute little gym bags and other items.

I am off to read now. I think I have manage to avoid tv all day, except for part of the football game that was on at the restuarant.

Grocery Adventures

Some how I managed to go to the grocery store three times this week. One trip was of course the big regular grocery shopping trip as previously mentioned and one trip was the follow up to that trip for the things I forgot to get.

Well I just go back from the third trip this week. Now I must admit this isn't highly unusual since we live so close to the grocery store. The difference I think with this week is I am experimenting with new foods and trying to figure out what I want to eat.

Now as a result, the freezer, refridgerator and cupboards are packed. I did find a something at the store today that I had for lunch and it was quite yummy. It is the lean pocket sub. I had seen them at the store berfoer, but have never been a huge hot pocket fan and didn't want to waste 3 dollars on a sub I might not like. Well as a result of our lean cuisine panini purchases we got a in store coupon for a Free purchase of lean pockets including the subs.

So I figured for free I would try them. The pepperoni pizza one I had was good. It is in a french type bread and comes out just like a regular warm sub. I would like try the meatball one as well. I got a few more coupons, not for a free one...but for the 1.00 off with two. So next time they are on sale I might have to buy some more.

Day of Rest...sort of

So I have decided to not do an workout today. That being said I just spent the last hour cleaning the kitchen and bathroom, straightening the apartment, vacuuming and dusting and am going to go for a short walk to the grocery store around the corner.

The thing I've noticed is that I seem to have more energy since I've been trying to eat better and exercise. Lets hope thats not a fluke.