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Friday, January 13, 2006

Snack ideas

If anyone has any good low-fat(or lower fat) and relatively low calorie snack ideas please let me know.

Thanks to simba's mom for recommending the Nabisco 100 calorie packs. I like the ritz snack mix and the chips ahoy. I bought the planters peanut butter bites since I love peanut butter and I really didn't like them at all.

against the advice of my trainer, I did a bit of a work out this evening
60 Crunches
arm exercises.

I promise to take a break on Sunday, the day of rest.

50 visitors in two days

I am so suprised and elated at the number of visitors to my blog. In two days I have had 50 visitors. Congratulations to visitor number 50 the blogless Russian Llama.


I have also had visitors from Argentina, the UK, and Portugal. I am thinking they were mistakes.

Book Challenge Update

I have finished book one, My hero, and I highly recommend it, although I think reading it straight through might not be as good as reading one or two of the tributes seperately.

I think my next book will be The Second Assistant, but it if it is boring I might read something else since I have a stack of 15 books I could be reading.


Today I just realized is Friday the 13th. Most people think of Friday the 13th as unlucky. They also think the number 13 is unlucky. I am not one of them (My full name not including middle name has 13 letters, but I am not a serial killer.)
My birthday falls on the 13th and my husband was also born on the 13th. I have always considered the 13th to be lucky, even Friday the 13th.


Ok so I am pondering what to do. I have been working out since Saturday without a break and have been feeling pretty good. Should I continue working out until I feel I need a break or should I plan to take a break. I just am a bit afraid if I stop I won't start back up again.


I am very glad it is Friday. My office is very quiet this morning, which sadly means its going to be a long day. Time seems to stop here when we aren't busy. Hopefully I will think of a project or something to work on. One of my co-workers started working at home today. She will be working at home every other Friday. I must say I am a bit jealous, but hopefully someday when I have kids I will be able to take advantage of the fact they let her do it.

I would much rather be at home in my pajamas then at work.

In other news, I managed to avoid tv until 10 o'clock last night, and then watched ER. I almost finished the book I am reading so hopefully I can finish it today and at least get another book started and maybe finished this weekend.

I'm famous

Ok no not really, but hey it is kind of cool when people mention you on their blog.