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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Long Day

Here I am at 10:30 blogging. I should just have waited until tomorrow to post this, but I felt I needed to do this to wrap up my day.

This afternoon, I had a event planners meeting at a hotel which mean I got to leave work early to go network, learn new things and have munchies. I did reasonably well avoiding the dessert table and only had one chocolate covered strawberry. I munched on veggies, fruit and bit of cheese.

After work, it was grocery time, which seemed to take forever.

We went to the Super Kroger thinking it would have more things then our local kroger, but for some reason alot of the items I was looking for weren't there.

They didn't have any of the new lean cuisine panini's although I did find the south beach meals that I like finally. I was really good and clipped coupons, even though my husband gets frustrated by the fact that I don't like to buy things unless they are A: on sale, B: we have a coupon for them or in the best case scenario both. So the trip went well and we got a lot of good food, and I ended up saving 10.00 with coupons and 50 dollars by in sale items.
I got home though and realized the following
  • that a few of the things that were marked on sale at the store didn't ring up as such and I have no desire to go back to the store and haggle.
  • that the toothpaste I know I put in the cart didn't make it into the house, lets hope its in the car
  • that I left my coupon holder in the cart, luckily it was from target's dollar section (which I love) so I hopefully i can get another
  • that I forgot dishwashing detergent

I also have come to the conclusion that my husband isn't really good at grocery shopping. Don't get me wrong he likes grocery shopping, but he doesn't pay attention to prices at all. Hence he spent 6 dollars on 4 grapefruit, which I sure hope he eats before they rot.

We didn't get done grocery shopping until 7 so we ended up eatting subway again. Mainly because I didn't want to spend 20 minutes unpacking the groceries and organizing the freezer to make things fit and then have to cook.

As it was I didn't eat dinner until about 8:15 which is way too late.

I had to motify my planned workout for today as I ran out of time.

What I did today (while watching biggest loser)

75 Crunches

20 Squats

20 reps of 5 arm exercises with 5 pd weights

I think I might be tired tomorrow, but I've showered already so hopefully that means a few minutes of sleep.

Maybe sometime soon I will get the hang of this.

tights revisited

So who invented tights and nylons and why is it that the really only last a few uses no matter how much money you spend?

Minor revelation

For years I have always showered in the morning, almost every day of my adult life for that matter I have been showering in the morning. I had tried showering at night, but my hair always looked horrible and I always felt like I needed to shower again in the morning.

Well I am not sure it is my new workout schedule that is making me want to sleep even longer in the morning, or that my hair is actually at a length that makes it manageable , but all week I have been showering at night, cutting my morning routine down drastically.

I don't know if this will become a trend or is just a passing whimsy, but I thought I'd share.