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Monday, August 21, 2006

Walking revisited

Back to mall walking I am , I figure it can't hurt to do it, even though at times I find it not very entertaining. This morning we walked for about 40 minutes before work.

I need to work strength training back into my plan. I think I shall do it today and Saturday officially and any other days i can fit in will be good.

Not much is going on today, I am without student staff most of the week, so I am on phone duty most afternoon.

I am excited that Prison Break is back on Tonight.

I found out after emailing that i didn't get the first job I applied for, nice of them to finally tell me.


At 3:18 PM, Blogger christie said...

Geez... sorry about the job, Kiki - I HATE when places to that!! My work gets annoyed when applicants call and ask because they haven't heard anything, they're all "give us two weeks! Geez!" But can you blame them?? There are so many places who just DONT call. That's why people are curious.


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