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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Update on Yesterday's treadmill run

I was worried about running since on Wednesday, I was still sore from our Sunday adventure. The schedule run was 45 minutes at run 4 /walk 1 with a 5 minute walk warmup.

The first 2 four minute segments felt like a struggle, but after i settled in, I learned to use my 1 minute as short as it was as recover time and then actually was able to run a few of the segments comfortably.
One of my big issues was that I was really sweaty, (there were no towels at the gym...see below), but I didn't let that stop me. I luckily wasn't as stiff has i had been earlier in the week.

Total time on Treadmill: 45 minutes/ distance 3.16 miles/ pace 14.30/calories burned 510

I was a little upset that there were no towels at the gym when we got there. Keep in mind that I usually love my gym since you walk in and everyone is nice an friendly and says hello and there is always a fresh stack of towels. On friday nights however, I don't know if it the B-team or what, but they seem not thrilled to be there and would prefer to chat and flirt then fold towels and have them ready. So we walked in no towels, no greeting. 45 minutes later, I go to fill up my water, completely sweaty and in need of towel and sure enough the towels are back there, but not folded, the guys are still busy chatting. I go to the desk and say "excuse me, can I please have a towel" and he hands me an unfolded towel from the bin and goes back to chatting. Ten minutes later when we leave after cleaning the machines and cooling down a bit, both guys are still chatting as I throw my dirty towe l into the basket.
My question is , is it really that hard to fold towels and talk? We pay a membership fee that I am sure pays their wage, wouldn't it be nice if they actually did their job?


At 5:44 PM, Blogger Firefly's Running said...

Nice job on the treadmill run. Those guys at the gym sounded rude, but what can you do?


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