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Friday, July 21, 2006

Art Fair Friday

Today I survived the art fair. I headed down at 10 am with my parents and we stayed until about 1. I can't say that we really saw any amazing art, but we did see a ton of interesting people. Do people not look in mirrors before they leave the house. Got some free clif samples and enjoyed spending time with my parents.

I was annoyed by the number of people at the fair and that is no big surprise. Mouse summed it up pretty well. Most of the people who live and or work here just wish it would end.

I am probably going back tomorrow, glutton for punishment perhaps, but my inlaws wanted to go so I thought I would try it again for a bit.

I think we are skipping our run tonight. My hubby has been working extra hard this week do to the fair and I have had enough exercise for today I think.

Total walking distance 5miles


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