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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Too Much Energy Tuesday

Even though I walked yesterday morning, I decided to go to the pool after work yesterday. It wasn't super warm out so the pool was cold at first, but after adjusting to the temperature it wasn't bad.

The pool really isn't big enough to do laps so I usually use one of the pool noodles and do arm work and leg work while on the noodle in one fashion or another. I spent about 40 minutes at the pool.

After that I really felt like I hadn't worked out hard enough and decided to do the biggest loser low cardio workout while prepping dinner. I forgot what a good workout that was.

After that and cooking dinner, I had finally burnt all my extra energy or stress and was finally able to relax and watch some tv.

Total workouts for the day
Walking 1 hour 10 minutes
Pool 40 minutes
Biggest Loser 25 minutes


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