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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Outdoor Evening Run

In an attempt to get used to running outside when its hot, we decided to take our Friday Treadmill run outside last night.
We headed out at about 6:00 or so. It was about 78 degrees and sunny, but lucky for us our neighborhood has a lot of good shady spots so we got the advantage of running outside and getting used to warmer temperatures, but were able to avoid too much direct sun light. We continued our schedule plan by doing a 5 minute warm up then a 40 minute run 3/walk 2 pace then walking a few minutes for cool down.

The workout wasn't bad, there was decent breeze on occasion.

Total distance 2.96 miles in 45 minutes
15 minutes per mile pace.

After our cooldown, we decided to go to the pool for additional cool down purposes.

Pool time 20 minutes


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