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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Day off

Today I had the day off from work for my annual doctor's visit. Amazing how when you reach a certain age and say you are taking the day off to go to the doctors, most people assume you are pregnant. I had at least 4 people in my office ask me that. I replied no, I just don't want to come back to work after being poked and proded.
That is one of the downfalls of working in a small office, everyone tries to be in your business.

Doctor's appt went well. Officially got weighed and I've lost about 25 pd since my last doctor's appt a little over a year ago, which is good, I would still like to lose more though.

After my appt I came home and watched afternoon tv. Too bad it was mostly soaps, which I don't like.

I did the biggest loser boatcamp workout, which it was way too hot out to do. I also did some arm work as well.
Exercise Today: 20 Minutes biggest loser, 15 minutes strength
Exercise Yesterday: 40 minutes on Treadmill 5 minute warm up run 3/walk 2 total distance 2.83 miles.


At 11:51 PM, Blogger bstab said...

Ah your annual poke and prod...such fun. And yes, I agree with you. Working in such a small office with so many women, too, and they think it's their business to be in yours.

Dude: whenever you are home in the afternoon, always turn to People's Court. If only for the ominous music. But yes, otherwise Daytime TV Sucks.

At 4:27 PM, Blogger Buccaneer Betty said...

Your family is full of work-out machines! Every time I'm slipping in my momentum - I read your blogs. I saw the picture of the 5K on Simba's mom's desk. You gals are so cute. Congrats on losing weight! That's fabulous - I know how hard it is.
Thanks for your comment about clothes. I'm glad to know I'm not alone. If it's cute and cheap - I don't care what store I got it from.
AND, I love the hello kitty template! I hear you are a big fan.


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