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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Trail Running

Yesterday afternoon was my first attempt at trail running. After work the hubby and I headed out the nature area near my work for our 40 minute run/walk session. The sun was out, it wasn't too hot. Things were good. I enjoyed running outside and the distractions it provides. The trails were fun and it was like an adventure. We ran/walked for about 20 minutes when we started to head back the way we came, which just so happened to be mostly up hill. I am fighing the uphill battle literally, when I felt something tickly my leg, I thought it was a leave or grass and kept on going. We got to the entrance where we had come in and still had about 5 minutes left, so we ran downhill to the valley and then back up again, the ups and downs of the trail are a really good workout. After we finished the run/walk we decided to explore and do some walking. We went further down into the valley and then climbed a long winding staircase built into the ground and then headed out.
When I got home later, I realized I had about 5 penny sized mosquito welts on my body. My hubby had not one. He said it is because I am sweet. I was like whatever they itch.

Lesson learned wear bug spray.

Warm up walk 5 minutes
run 3min/walk 2min 40 minutes
walking cool down 10


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