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Friday, May 05, 2006

Ready for the weekend

Happy Friday everyone, I am so very happy its the weekend. I've been so busy at work lately and since i worked on Saturday this week has seemed very long.

Last night my new exercise ball came, who knew half the exercise of the ball would be getting it inflated. Its really big. It looks like it will be a good work out.

Went to the gym last night and did 25 minutes on the eliptical machine while reading runner's world. Reading while doing the eliptical won't be bad if there was better lighting by the machine. Because there wasn't enough light, I had to hold the magazine while using the machine so I really didn't read that much.

Tonight we aren't going to the gym, so I may not get another run in before Sunday, although I may do a short leisurely run on Saturday.

We have managed to watch almost the whole first season of lost in just a few weeks. I just have the season finale two-parter left. Lets hope season two comes out this summer. So I can be all caught up.

I am still reading no need for speed, but I did finish Marley and Me recently and so I think that puts me at 11 books read, 12 will be done soon. So I am only a few books behind.

Good Luck to everyone running this weekend, Shoreturtle, Doglover, Simba's mom, and anyone else.


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