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Sunday, May 07, 2006

5k Re-cap

It was really cold this morning, about 40 degrees tops. The race was part of a school fundraiser so there were a lot of elementary school age kids and families. My sister, mom, hubby and I did the race together. The three women had matching outfits and hats. The race was good. We heated up pretty quickly. The run was on the street and it was a lot of small uphills and down hills. The streets were lined with Signs saying “You can do it” “Keep going” etc. The first mile we did pretty fast, for me, about 12:20 I think. I will have to check my sister or mom’s garmin for more accurate stats for the second and third mile. It was fun to run with my mom and sister, it made the run more entertaining. My sister is much faster then us, but decided to race with us, which was cool. The run felt pretty good ,except for the up hill parts which we walked some of. Our end time was approx 39.10. I will keep you posted on the official time.

Overall I think the run went well and was fun. My next run is a women’s only run with my mom in two weeks.


At 3:12 PM, Blogger Zara said...

Congrats! That does sound like fun! :)


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