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Monday, April 10, 2006

You know you are tired when....

I think I spent too long on the treadmill or maybe didn't eat enough today before going on the treadmill. By the time I got home afterword, I attempted to shower with my glasses still on, I realized it and put the on the floor outside the shower. My shower was short, but I stil managed to forget about my glasses when I got out, I almost smushed them.

I also realized that I'm still not ready to run two days in a row or at least I need to factor in that I will probably be tired by the second run.

I got the gym and found a machine. Things seemed to be going well. I knew I was tired, but I had water and a mission to keep moving. After my 5 minute warm up, I did a mile in about 13.5 and was exhausted. I slowed to walk for 1.5 minutes and then started running again for 5 minutes. Then I was winded again and slowed down for 1.5 minutes again. I then ran 5 more minutes. I walked for 1 minute and then ran 3 more. At this point I knew I was done running and walked for 12 more minutes for a total of about 48 minutes including the warm up. I went the distance of a 5k and realized that I am doing pretty good especially since I just ran yesterday.

Like I said after that I am really tired. Tomorrow morning I am mall walking so I don't think I am going to do weights tonight. I think I will do that tomorrow.


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