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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Treadmill Run

I considered running outside this afternoon, since it was now sunny and 60, but decided on the gym since it is mostly allergy free.

I really don’t have a training program at the moment, just working on improving my speed and endurance to better my time at the next 5k and the one beyond.

I started up with a warm up walk of 4.5 minutes. I then ran at between 4.2-4.6 for 18 minutes. Total distance 1.25 miles. I then slowed to a walk and walked for 2.5 minutes then ran for 7 minutes at 4.7mph then walked for 2.5 minutes at about 3.5 mph and then ran for 7 minutes at 5 mph and then walked for 2.5 and ran for 1.5min and walked for 1.5 min

Total time on Treadmill 47 minutes
Average speed 4.1 mph
Distance traveled including slow warm up walk: 3.20 miles

Running fast felt really good. I know I should run slower, but after doing the 18 minute stretch at steady pace I really wanted to increase my speed for a bit.


At 5:54 AM, Blogger Andy Owen said...


you seem to be on a fitness program. I think your blog is cool.


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