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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Sunday Morning Run

I just got back from running outside with the hubby. This is the first run I've been on outside in about three weeks at least and the first day I've been back to running at all since I got sick last week.
I am still a bit snotty, but am feeling less congested then I did thursday and Friday.

My hubby has just started running and we decided thatwe would run outside today if I felt up to it. Yesterday Ended up being a low key evening, although we did go out for Hamburgers which I was sure was going to make running today miserable.

Woke up today later then usual mostly due to the time change I believe, but I felt pretty good and up for running. The temperature was about 40 with a windchill of about 35. The sun was out and we decided to have a go of it. I wanted to make sure my hubby had a good time and I didn't want to over due it since I was sick, so we decided to do run/walk intervals.

We walked for 5 minutes then ran for 3 and then walked a minute or two and then ran for 3 again. This was the hubby's idea, he thought that would be a breeze since he has been using the treadmill to start the couch to 5k. I warned him outside was totally different, but he thought it would be fine. It was good to see that sometimes I am right and that he realized maybe I do know at least a few things. We ended up running 3 times for 3 minutes and one time for 5 minutes, and were outside a total of 35 minutes. I think this is pretty good considering I am still sick and haven't been outside running in awhile.
Being outside felt good, I need to remember to run outside every now and then.
I am proud of my hubby for not giving up.

Good luck to all the runners this weekend especially Simba's Mom.


At 2:35 PM, Blogger Dog Lover said...

Good for you getting out and running even though you still aren't feeling up to par.
that's great that you now have a running partner. Congrats to D!

At 7:03 PM, Blogger ShoreTurtle said...

That's great that you went with D. I went for a run with redhead fangirl on Sunday.


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