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Monday, March 27, 2006

Monday Treading

Woke up relatively on time to go run at the gym this morning. The treadmills were pretty empty so I found one relatively quickly and got started. 5 minute warm up...check. schedule for today 2.5 miles running. I set the treadmill up and started running at 4.2 miles per hour. My blister is starting to heal pretty well, the skin is starting to come back. I still haven't found a bandaid that stays on well while running, but have gotten used to just changing it after.
Back to the run, I realized I need to take off some music off of the shuffle, as i always skip by certain songs because they are too slow. The first 10 minutes or so felt really good, found a rhythm. After that was touch and go, it wasn't my blister, but I couldn't find my right rhythm and just felt weird. I managed to increase my speed to 4.4 which might have been the problem, since that made things feel better. I also think TV is a good distraction. 1 mile time , 13.37...keep going don't give up....1.25 miles still going.....getting tired though....1.5 miles in 21 minutes, I ran for another minute or so and then I was getting tired and slowed to a walk. The walk lasted about 2 minutes and then I ran again for about 2 minutes and then walked a minute and ran for about 3 minutes at which point I had to stop to go to work so I walked a bit and left the treadmill.

Total time on treadmill 35 minutes plus cooldown
Total distance ran 2 miles (1.5 miles straight and then walk ran the rest).

Goal for next run to run 2 miles and then walk run to hit 2.5

I got to work on time, and brought in the rest of the peanut butter cookies, since keeping them in the house is a bad idea.

I watched Capote last night and did jiggle proof my arms workout and squats and crunches for about 35 minutes while watching the movie.
The movie was very good.

Have my gym clothes packed to go after work for about 30 minutes tops.


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