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Monday, March 27, 2006

Gilmore Girls workout

I took my workout gear with me to work today so that afterwards I could go to back to the gym.

I know you think 2 trips to the gym in one day, this woman must be crazy. I really don't think I'm crazy, I just didn't get to work out as long as I wanted this morning and so we were going to go back.

Side note: Brother in law called on my way to the gym, wanting to know if he could come over to play playstation today. His older brother, my hubby ,said "we'll see" not realizing he meant today. Which means I had to break it to the 5 year old that there would be no incredibles game playing today. He broke out into a tantrum on the phone. I hung up. He called back a minute later and sat on the phone not saying anything then his sister got on the phone to say he was sorry.

We got the gym about 5:15 and it was pretty empty or at least the cardio machines seemed empty. I found an eliptical machine open right by at tv with headphone capabilty and got ready to go. I thought I would watch crap reality shows on MTV. Then I realized that the TV had family channel and I could watch Gilmore Girls reruns. So off I went. It was an episode from 2 seasons ago or last season right before the inn opened, the one where they sleep outside with the zucchini, and luke asks Lorelai to his sister's wedding. I realize now that working out goes a lot faster when accompanied by good tv.
I worked out for 35 minutes, 4500 strides, 430 calories burned.

We then headed home. I am mall walking in the morning.
Off to play a bit of playstation before prison break.


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