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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Friday Night at the gym

Funny that Friday night is now a gym night, years ago Friday night would have been the night to go out. Oh well.

We headed to the gym right afterwork, and like last friday the aerobic equipment was pretty empty. Friday is treadmill day so I found a machine and got to work.

5 minute walking warmup felt good, no pain from the blister.

Side note:I find that the advance healing bandaids work well, but don't stay on as long as suggested in the box.

I then started the schedule 2.2 mile (25 minute) run. It felt good to be running, I found my rhythm, and after finding the right songs to listen to I was good to go. First mile seemed to go fine, I started getting sore, but this was just muscle soreness from walking for an hour straight then sitting all I pushed through it. First mile done in 14:37 ....not stopping ....foot feels good, although it was slightly itchy (which I know means its healing)...I realized I shouldn't have forgot my waterbottle, because I was feeling dehydrated, hadn't drank enough water yesterday. 17 minutes in ....knowing I am not going to make the 2.2 miles as I start to get really goal established, make 1.5 miles. I plod on...still at about a 4.2 mile an hour pace.
I am start getting a side stitch and know I really can't go much farther. I am at 1.3 miles and push my self the last little bit. Yay 1.5 miles is here, 22 minutes. I slow down to a walk...slightly pissed that I didn't finish. I walk for about 2 minutes and start running again. I run for another 2 minutes and slow back down to a walk. I am determined to finish this 2.2 miles with mostly running. I walk another minute, run 2 minutes, walk a minute and then notice a girl next to me running at the same speed I run. I wanted to join her so I ran the rest of the 2.2 miles or about another 2..5 minutes. I finished the 2.2 miles in about 33 minutes
As I stepped off the treadmill, I was pretty sure my bandaid had been sweated off again...but at least it didn't stop my run.

walking warmup 5 minutes
ran 22 minutes
walked 2
ran 2
walked 1
ran 2
walked 1
ran 2.5
walk 1.5

Total Time on Treadmill 38 minutes

From there I went to find the hubby who was doing weights and wanted to work out a bit more so I after re-hydrating at the drinking fountain, I headed to the Eliptical Machine.

I did 10 minutes on the Eliptical Machine while watching Parental Control on MTV...why do I enjoy watching such trash. I focused on my gluts mostly and the workout seemed
Total time on Eliptical 10 Minutes

So total Gym workout 48 minutes
plus 55 minutes of mall walking in the morning

After the gym, we headed to target. I wasn't sure if i should go to the gym all sweaty, but since I didn't smell I should be ok. I needed to get more bandaids, new running socks, and something to hold my hair back so I can stop constantly moving it when i run. I was successful on most fronts, I didn't see the advance healing bandaids, but saw the same thing labeled blister bandaids and bought two boxes and some moleskin. I found moisture wicking socks on sale for 30% off so i got 4 pair for 5.50. I found some headbands to keep my hair back. I looked at the hellokitty easter candy, and realized that none of it looked that good to waste calories and hard work on. I will have to indulge sometime and have a reese's egg since I love those.
I ended up settling for for starburst sour jellybeans, yum. Low in fat and about 160 calories for 1/4 cup.

From Target we headed to Quoba. I must confess that I think we have only eatten at home this week about 2 times, but we have tried to eat healthy and cheaply. At Quoba, we had a coupon for buy 1 get one free entree. I got a chicken taco salad. YUM.
My goal starting tomorrow is to eat at home all days next week , except Saturdays when we usually go out. We are allowed Subway once as well, since it is healthy and about 10.00.

My weightloss seems back on track finally after my trip. Although I didn't gain any weight on the trip, I was stuck in sort of a holding phase after I first got back. I have lost about 17.5 pounds since the later portion of January.

Plans for today include
Strength training at home
A possible walk
Dinner with my brother inlaw- the 5 year old
Maybe renting a movie


At 6:29 PM, Blogger Simba's Mom said...

Great job kiki!!! You are doing so well!!

At 7:41 AM, Blogger Dog Lover said...

Yah Kiki!!
I'm glad to hear your foot is on the mend.

At 10:30 AM, Blogger Rae said...

Awesome job on the weight loss! That's amazing!


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