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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

My Trouble with Tuesdays

Once again the woman who is supposed to answer phones on Tuesday mornings is out sick. Which means I get to answer phones from 8-12 and then again from 2:30-5.
I had anticipating eatting a lighter breakfast and an early lunch in an attempt to adjust my need for snacking. Well here I was at 11:15 hungry for lunch with no ability to have lunch until 12. So luckily I had a Pria Power Bar. I had picked up a few of these at the grocery store just recently and thought i would try them. They have 110 calories and 2 saturated fats, but they have a ton of good vitamins, and soy protein. I had the chocolate peanut butter crunch and it was pretty good. It will at least tide me over until I am able to have lunch.

I am so glad I am leaving on vacation one week from tomorrow, my office is starting to drive me nuts.


At 1:04 PM, Blogger Jenniy said...

I HATE answering phones! I even avoid mine if possible. I don't know about your job, but with the government they give you a "position discription" when you accept your job, which lists everything you are expected to do. Any time someone doesn't want to do something they just say "Sorry, not in my PD," which is total bs but often gets them out of it. Answering phones is the one thing I would actually use that line on.

At 12:06 AM, Blogger Judi B said...

I had to laugh at jenniy's comment...we used to do that all the time at my old job too. Then they added "answering phones" to ALL of our PD's...even the upper level bosses. LOL Hey anything with chocolate and PB HAS to taste good.


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