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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Morning Run

Yes you read that correctly, I got up this morning and went outside in the cold to do my couch to 5k training. I headed outside at about 7:15 this morning. I had set out all my running stuff the night before, made a new ipod playlist with the week 2 times and I was determined to get up this morning. I knew that I didn't have to leave for work until 8:20 since my hubby was giving me a ride, which meant I had enough time to run and get my normal shower routine in.

I woke up and although I wasn't sure I really wanted to run, but I felt like I had to at least try. I was a bit nervous because the sidewalks still had a bit of snow and ice on them from the snow we got this past weekend. I was also tentative about running the week 2 plan which is
Brisk five-minute warmup walk. Then alternate 90 seconds of jogging and two minutes of walking for a total of 20 minutes. I had barely made it through the first 3 workouts and 90 seconds seemed like a lot of jogging.

I headed outside and it was cold, and windy, but I started my brisk walk to Hey Mama by Kanye West , which is a really good song. I walked down towards the park area, knowing I would have to run on the sidewalk not the snowy park area. I started my run and it wasn't so bad and before I knew it , it was time for my walk segment and with week two the runs are longer, but that means the walks are longer too. It seemed to quicker. My path ended up being the side streets by my apartment, 95% of which were clear. I didn't really notice the ice/snow so much when I was running, but when I slowed down again it was definitely slippery.
Before I new it, Proud by Heather Small was playing and I was headed back to my apartment. I got back inside, had a banana and then hit the shower. I got ready for work, and was only about 3 minutes off my normal routine.
I didn't dress super warmly , and didn't feel cold. I did wear a hat and gloves, so I was covered from the elements. Overall I am surprised at how much I enjoyed it. I am not sure that I could do this 3 times a week, but maybe I could do one day a week and then do two afternoon runs. We shall see.
I am very proud of myself.


At 10:15 AM, Blogger Simba's Mom said...

I am proud of you too, Kiki!!

At 10:27 AM, Blogger ShoreTurtle said...

I'm proud of you too! Good for you! That's great.

At 10:49 AM, Blogger bstab said...

I love how much you are loving this.
You go!

At 11:26 AM, Blogger Random Musings said...

You should be proud of yourself! Go Kiki, go Kiki, go KIki!!!

I am really impressed have so much determination and are doing so well.

At 2:53 PM, Blogger Susan said...

Great job Kiki.

At 3:01 PM, Blogger Dog Lover said...

Good for you!
you should be proud of yourself.
I knew you could do it!

At 1:06 AM, Blogger kikis' sister said...

I can't believe that you got up in the morning to go running-wow for you.

At 2:42 AM, Blogger Judi B said...

That's fantastic!

At 8:10 PM, Blogger Rae said...

Awesome job!!! Before you know it you'll be running the whole thing and not thinking twice about it!!

We're all proud of you!!!


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