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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Friday Recap (also eaten by blogger)

I posted two posts friday only to have blogger literally eat them. They are gone. I posted them and they didn't appear. Friday night recap:I got my new shoes from zappos and decided to wear them while working out indoors because I wasn't sure they were the right thing. The hubby and I decided to be adventureous and try something new so we did the biggest loser bootcamp. It is only 20 minutes, how hard could it be we though... The answer is hard. It was intervals of arm work with weights mixed with jumping jacks, push up, squats and just plain jumping. It was a good work out but it was tiring. I also realized that although my new shoes are cute and comfortable.I have come to the realization they aren't meant for running or cross training and so I am returning them. I have ordered another pair of shoes.

WIDT 20 Minutes Biggest Loser Bootcamp


At 1:59 AM, Blogger Judi B said...

I did see your posts, they disappeared last night as soon as I saw them...they vanished. Blogger ate one of my posts too...frustrating! Is that video that newest one to come out? I've had a lot of people swear by this video and it's on my Amazon wish list. It's great that you're doing something though! Too bad the shoes aren't working out.


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