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Friday, January 27, 2006

Happy Friday

Thank Goodness its Friday. This week seems to going slow at least the work parts of it, and I was glad that today if finally the end of the work week.

I am really tired today, and sore. I spent the first half of my work day trying to do a few projects and therefore didn't leave my office for almost four hours. This is bad because by the time I went to move my muscles were all stiff. Today it is the butt and ab muscles , which is good because both those areas need work .

I tried once again to get up early this morning and failed horribly. I did do yoga stretching again this morning.
Not sure if I will work out today as bagel boy is working both days this weekend, which means I will have a lot of free time this weekend to work out both days. That being said, I know he will be working out tonight and I feel like I should to.


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