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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

I'm back....from the land of the ill.(no I don't mean lansing)

Any of you who were expecting a recap of my lansing trip are in for a surprise.

I did go to Lansing and work 3 hours on Sunday.
I did make it to my hotel room and order Cottage inn for room service.
I did get sick with some sort of virus that causes you to to be come violently ill quite quickly....sparing you the details as it is too fresh in my head.'

I will not be eatting cottage inn or any kind of pizza for a long time.

I didn't work in Lansing on Monday, in fact , I was picked up from Lansing Monday morning while still ill. Nothing like riding in someone you don't really know that well's car when you can't seem to keep your food down.

I made it the whole way....over an hour in the car only to get sick in the car five minutes from my home....oh well.

I spent most of monday and tuesday recovering from my illness. I was well enough to eat yesterday, although my appetite isn't back to normal.
Yesterday afternoon, I disinfected my entire apartment ...twice.
I don't know who got who sick, but the virus has now infected my sister, my mom, my dad and my husband. Luckily , we are all mostly back to normal now.

I hope that no one else I know gets this especially before or during christmas.