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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

I'm leaving on a jet plane

Yes that's right, tomorrow afternoon I'm leaving. Not really on a jet plane, but that's how the song goes. And I do know when I will be back again, but it isn't for awhile.

I will be away from a computer starting tomorrow afternoon and therefore to my many blog readers(all 5 of you), I am sorry to say you won't be having anything new to read for awhile.

I shall be back to my office on the 21st. I hope to update when I can. Now if you are concerned that I will be having fun without you , remember I will be sitting in the lobby of a hotel for 10-12 hours a day listening to piped in Christmas music repeat itself over and over again while I assist accountants who are registering for our classes.

My schedule is as follows

December 14th
Working in office until 3, then attending (or at least dropping in on) 2 work holiday parties, then off I go to flint. After arriving in flint and setting up the conference for the next day, I will leave to go to Auburn Hills where I will be attending the Pistons game to see the Pistons go to work vs. Sacramento. It is Tayshaun Prince ornament night. If I get the ornament, I promise to give it to my sister.

December 15,16
Working at the HolidayInn Flint

December 16
Return home to unpack, wash clothes ,repack

December 17
Attending the Michigan vs. UCLA game at 12pm. Coincidentally it is Maize Out and I am not sure I own anything Maize. The game is being televised on ESPN so maybe I should wear pink so you can find me.

Possibly a trip to L-ville as my husband calls it to visit with the European contingent.

December 18
Leaving for Lansing

December 19,20
Working at the Holiday Inn South in Lansing

December 20
Returning home


I was reading time magazine about The Best Blogs of 2005 and found this blog called Dooce. Interestingly, this webdesigner was writting this blog and wrote about things that happened at her work and got fired because of it. Now the name of her blog is a dictionary term.

DOOCED: to lose one’s job because of one’s website.

Anyway I have read some of her entries and they are pretty funny. she has the ones she got fired for and more recently one's about her baby, which is why time included her in their best blogs.

I think i could be brainwashed with chocolate

I don't think they would even need subliminal messaging

Basinger "Brainwashing" Daughter with Chocolate Bars
Actress Kim Basinger is tempting her daughter away from her father by plying the youngster with chocolate, ex-husband Alec Baldwin has alleged in court. The screen star pair are locked in a vicious custody battle over their 10-year-old daughter Ireland, but Baldwin is convinced the LA Confidential actress is employing underhand tactics to keep her. He accuses Basinger in court papers of bribing Ireland with specially-made chocolate bars boasting manipulative messages to her on their wrappers. One example, which Baldwin has included in his legal suit as Exhibit C, reads: "To my daughter Ireland, who gave me the strength, courage and tenacity to stand up for myself... Mom." Baldwin claims, "The false message she continues to send our daughter is that she needs protection from her father." The actor dragged his ex back into court last month after claiming she had violated a court-imposed custody order this summer. The case continues.