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Wednesday, November 09, 2005


So, My sister and I set out early Tuesday morning on our Oprah Adventure.

We stopped at the near-by Chocolate Cafe for breakfast after being dropped off By trusty Prince E.
We split a delicious Chocolate muffin and then walked the few blocks to HARPO studios.

We were supposed to be there between 7-7:30. When we arrived just shy of 7 with plans to take pictures before hand , we found a crowd already in line to pick up tickets.
We joined that line and decided pictures could wait.
We had very little information about the whole process of going to Oprah, and it seems like there are many steps involved.
We waited out side until about 7:20 with the line slowly moving along. We then were in HARPO studios where we waited another ten-fifteen minutes to get our ids checked. We also turned our coats in to coatcheck , where we learned there is also a "contraband" check up ahead. We show our ids and become official audience members (we are given a sheet to fill out making it official). We next proceed to the contraband check where they go through your purses and put anything that is prohibited in a ziplock baggy for you to retrieve after the show. Now Cellphone and camera less, we head up to the waiting area.
This area is really nice, they have tv's showing clips of oprah and various pictures of her with stars. We waited in this area for at least an hour maybe longer..we were didn't wear watches and our cell phones were gone. This waiting period seemed to take forever. During this time, it got really crowded in the room and they kept calling names of people who got to go down early. People who knew people etc.

After waiting ages, we got called down by the audience numbers on the sheet of paper we filled out and we were heading down to the actual Studio audience.

The audience area is much smaller in person then on tv, but very bright and shiny as expected. The show seats 315 people, but seemed very intimate.

We found seats together in the back row, aisle so we had no one in front of us or behind us which was good and settled in. This next period of waiting also took awhile as they attempted to fill in seats with people. At this point it was real...we were at oprah. We were very excited.
There were people from the Oprah show giving us pointers. Clap at everything, Oh and AH...etc.
Finally it was time for the show,
We saw Beyonce's dad come out first. Then Oprah's friend Gayle, Beyonce's mom..all of them taking seats in the front row. Then finally the moment of truth...OPRAH...there she was looking cute and confident.
I won't re-cap the whole show play-by -play, but I will say the following it is good to see that off -camera and on Oprah acts the same.
Beyonce was on to introduce her new clothing line House of Dereon. The girls from Destiny's child were among the models.
The secont half of the show was about the Musical the color purple and the whole cast was there to sing on the show.
IT was so much fun to watch and be there.

Be for we knew it , it was time to go....
We had been wondering all along what sort of gifts you get at oprah. Well....
We did get really cool gift bags with lots of free stuff from Beyonce, Destiny's child and Oprah.
The bags weighed at least 8 lbs.
I am hoping my sister has more energy and can write some more of this. or maybe i will be back later.

Sorry for the delay in blogging.

I must apologize for my absence of blogging, but I must say in my defense, I've been a very busy girl.
I had planned to take this week off as a relaxing vacation. These plans changed early last week when I got a call to attend the oprah winfrey show . I had recently been filing out last minute email requests for tickets and had filled out one for people who were fans of Beyonce. Now keep in mind this was one of a few I had filled out and thought nothing of it...i would never get tickets. Well, surprise surprise, I got the call from the Oprah Show to come to the show about week(11/8) in Chicago. I called my sister and told her I got the tickets and booked the train tickets and sure enough I was going to go to Oprah in less then a week.
Most of the rest of my last week flew by fast, was busy at work. The weekend was good, hung out with my husband, enjoyed our first anniversary. (boy how time flies).

Then Monday afternoon it was off to Chicago, I was able to hangout with Ms. nrgibby for a bit and then off to my sisters apartment.

(next entry...coming soon...all about oprah)