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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Rosa Parks

U.S. Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill.
"The woman we honored today held no public office, she wasn't a wealthy woman, didn't appear in the society pages. And yet when the history of this country is written, it is this small, quiet woman whose name will be remembered long after the names of senators and presidents have been forgotten."



Directions: Complete the sentence. Try not to use all positive and socialibly acceptable phrases.

I AM: very excited for next week
I AM: unmotivated to exercise
I AM: ready for the weekend
I AM: open-minded
I AM: a fast reader
I AM: loved
I AM: obessive compulsive
I AM: a scorpio
I AM: sick of my job
I AM: afraid of fire
I AM: loved
I AM: bossy
I AM: a good wife
I AM: tired
I AM: happy
I AM: missing my siblings
I AM:turning 32
I AM: underpaid
I AM: dependent on the internet
I AM: scared of thunder
I AM: a good friend
I AM: a great sister
I AM: trustworthy
I AM: dependable
I AM: me