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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Finding a Balance

Yesterday I attended a brown bag lunch held through my office about finding a balance between "Work and Life". The purpose of the class was to look at what was important to you and what you spent time doing. The class was supposed to be talking about your job and your personal life, but for me, it ended up being about homework and my life.

Home work you might aren't in school, and you are right, I'm not.

But it seems that I pre-occupy much of my free time doing chores around the house. These chores tend to drain me and leave me without much energy to do other things.

I didn't learn anything really in the class, but it did make me think about things.

I have been doing most of the house cleaning and chores on the weekend since I had the most time and seemily the most energy, but that happens to be something that I end up procrastinating over and dreading and it eats up much of my day and wastes a good chunk of my weekend.

I have a new plan, which is to do one chore a day and try to get my husband to do a few of them that I have more time do other things.

One my agenda items of things to get done is to exercise, which I haven't done regularily in about 4 months. I do walk a little over a mile a day, but I need to get back into doing some regular more intense exercise a few times a week. I am hoping if I switch things up a bit, I might have more energy.
I am motivated by the podcast of my sister, Simba's Mom, who obviously is much more ambitious then I. Prehaps I should ask her for help. she for awhile was helping me by giving me exercise routines. Perhaps I can convince her to help again.

I also am hoping to find more time for things I enjoy like reading, and enjoying fall before it is gone.

I think I need to cut down on watching junk tv, MTV is the devil .

anyway, wish me luck, I'm off to exercise.