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Sunday, October 23, 2005

I love my ipod

In between cleaning tasks and throughout the weekend I 've been adding new music to my ipod. Most of this music is coming from my vast cd library, which I never got around to putting on to my ipod. This morning for example , I thought The greatest hits of the Fresh Prince would be a nice addition. I am also adding christmas music. I have about 2000 songs on my ipod. I have enough music to listen to for five days without repeating. I really need to take stuff I don't listen to off, but since i have the room I figure why not.


So Sunday as many of you know is my usual cleaning day. Today, for some reason I noticed that my horizontal blinds were super dusty. I don't think I have ever noticed before, nor have I ever dusted them, so I decide I should do this.

Now here is lies the problem. I am ALLERGIC to dust. This means that having dust on things may or may not make me sick, but that also removing dust may make me sick.
Now by sick I don't mean deathly ill, but as I sit here after just dusting the one set of horizontal blinds (and not doing a very through job at it), my head is throbing, my nose is ichy and runny and I am not happy.

I recall when I first had my allergy test done in college and I was told I was allergic to dust and mold, I recall the doctor saying that I really should avoid dusting. Well since I don't think insurance covers housecleaning, and since I didn't marry a man who likes to clean ( I guess I should have ranked that higher on my list of pros and cons) , I am stuck dusting.

I think prehaps I need to invest in the swiffer duster or something better then papertowels, but I don't think that would solve the problem , just make it less tedious.

Anyway I need to finish my next blog entry so i can clean the bathroom and kitchen and living room and bedroom....oh what fun.

Concert Canceled

Why does this always seem to happen to me. The concert that I was so excited to go to as part of my birthday present got canceled. This is at least the second time this has happened to me, but I think there was another time I am not remembering.

Now I need to think of a new birthday present...any ideas.

On the bright side, I may now be able to go home on the wednesday before thanksgving instead of the morning of.

I still need to figure out when and with whom I am going to see RENT the Movie, which comes out on the 23rd.

update on leaf project

After spending 3.5 hours helping J on Friday, the leaf project is completed. J and her mom went and collected leaves at the botanical garden. This was a good idea, but they neglected to get the scientific name information and also they picked more complicated trees, so it made finding the tree information harder. I spent a good portion of the time helping J search the internet for facts and scientific names of these trees. Its done now though and I think it turned out nice. Perhaps I will take a picture.