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Friday, October 07, 2005

Early Birthday

Anyone who knows me well knows that I love birthdays. Especially mine. Now granted I am getting too old to be excited about my birthday, and especially this soon with more then a month left til the day.
Nonetheless, I am excited. I have heard from my sister that she already has a present for me. YAY me!!

To make things even better, my Mom, who by the way is the best, is getting me tickets to see John Legend for my birthday. He is actually coming here of all places, no one comes here.

So my husband and I will be going to see him and the seats are really good because they are pre-sale tickets. I think we are 6 rows from the front.

Now some of you may not know who John Legend is. He was the first artist signed to Kanye West's production company. He has been a background singer and pianist for Alicia Keys, Kanye West, Twista, Jay-z among others.


Rolling Stone
Entertainment Weekly


My sister sent me this

Tom and Katie are likely to follow the Church of Scientology's "silent birth" guidelines during delivery, which means no music and no talking during the birth, which also means no screaming during the pains of labor.

The doctrine also states that newborns cannot be poked or prodded for medical tests or even spoken to for the first seven days of their lives, believing that babies go through so much pain during the birth, they shouldn't have to experience any further discomfort or sensory experience that could return later in life to haunt them.

That sounds really messed up to me .

Not all gray hair'd men just Anderson

Read this article by Anderson cooper

In which he says "For men, of course, it's a different story. I don't get it, but gray on guys drives a lot of folks wild."

That isn't the case for me, but there is something very dreamy about Anderson Cooper. My husband laughs at me because I like him.

I hate it when that happens

My email isn't working....I feel so disconnected from the world when that happens. How did I survive before email.

UPDATE ...My email is now working again. Sad It was only out for a half an hour and I was that worried about it.

What movie should I see?

I'm taking votes

At the dollar show are

Fantastic 4
Longest Yard
War of the Worlds
Mr. and Mrs. Smith

I know I want to see War of the Worlds, but are any of the others any good?

What peanuts character am I ?

I am Lucy! Gee what a surprise. This is the same as when I took the friends test and ended up being Monica.

Which Peanuts Character are You?
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