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Saturday, October 01, 2005

My list

As a few of you may know. I had completed my list of 100 things about me only to lose them all when the posting failed to load.
I did my best to recreate the list, but left a few things off.

My sister mentioned in a comment that I hate oreos.

This is in fact not true and was one of my 100 facts on my first list.

Fact: I vomited oreos in the car on a family vacation when I was 5.
Fact: I get car sick sometimes Edit....I was told that I was in a camper at the local XOA campground when this happened. and that i was thunderstorming. So My guess is i I was scared of the thunder which is what made me sick or i was just ill in general.

It is not true however that I hate oreos, I actually like them alot.

Also, another funny story I was going to mention on my first list and forgot on my second.
My husband is sweet and buys me chocolate sometimes. He thought for the longest time my favorite candy bar was the kit kat. I really don't like Kit Kats and had to break it to him one day.