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Thursday, September 22, 2005


I was reminded by my sister that although I did cut myself today ,that I have done things that were much more klutzy.

Picture this, I am in ninth grade and havev a health class project that entails cutting out the bones of the human body to make a skelelton.

My mom had purchased poster board for me and had given me an exacto knife.

I was hard at work cutting out the pieces of the skeleton with the poster board sitting on my lap when I accidentally sliced a 2 inch long gash in my thigh by cutting too hard into the card board.

Sad thing is that I have a scar from it.

Kiki also reminded me of the scar on the left arm- earned in a fight with my sister while visiting my cousin's cottage. I am not sure what we were fighting over, and I'm sure it wasn't important, but we were agruing and my cute younger sister scratched me with her nails.

I have other scars and injuries i could bring up...but at the risk of repeating the same stories to people who have already heard them, I will save them for another time.


The dryer in our apartment building was broken last week and rather then risk a repeat of last week where we washed our clothes only to have to lug them wet to the laundrymat (ok not we , My husband), we decided to just head to the laundry mat.

The laundrymat wasn't so bad, and actually we lucked out as it was Wednesday and there is a special where you can use the EXTRA big washers for 2.25. Those things were huge.

It took only about an hour to do the laundry, plus towels and sheets from our weekend visitors. There were some cute babies there. The only down fall was a fly that I swear had teeth and was trying to bite me.

I started reading Hypocrite in the poffy white dress (recommended by bstab) while at the laundrymat. It looks like it is going to be funny.

Accident Prone

Today I cut myself with a knife while slicing a bagel. No major harm done, but I must ask myself how stupid can I be as I think I've done the same thing many times.