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Monday, September 19, 2005

Its fun to weed at the Y-M-C-A

Last Thursday, I volunteered for the Day of Caring through the United Way. You get assigned a place to volunteer for the day. I was sent to the new Y to weed. I thought to myself, weeding, not exactly what I had planned on, but I can handle it. I had many years of practice . I had assumed that we would be weeding a flower bed or something of that nature. Little did I know ,that we would be weeding a whole entire field of weeds.

The new YMCA was designed to have landscaping with native Michigan plants. Most of which happened to be natural grasses. Can I tell you how hard it is too tell the difference between a natural grass and a weed. It is really hard.

I ended up weeding for 3 hours before I had gotten so itchy and sneezy that I had to leave.

It was good to volunteer, but next year I need to specify that I want to be indoors.