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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

One more tv update

Just a reminder to my faithful readers, that season premiere of Gilmore Girls and House are on tonight.

By the way, those of you who like reading about my tv viewing habits will have something to look forward to. Bstab and I are teaming up to do a tv blog, coming soon to a computer near you.

Prison break

Watched prison break last night, and I am really intrigued at trying to figure out how they are going to draw this out to a whole season. Does Michael fall next week at his attempt to break out, if so I worry that it is going to become like Gilligan's Island. If he does make it out, does he take his brother with him? I am so confused.
Also, what is his level of pain tolerance. My head hurt as I watched him smack his head into the prison bars, but I must admit that was a creative way to get rid of his psycho roommate.

That guy was starting to freak me out.

Two Months

I just realized that in two months exactly it will be my birthday. Where did the year go.

Even more amazing is that i've been married almost a year as well, and it doesn't seem that long at all.