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Friday, September 02, 2005


Like my sister, I have been trying to figure out what to say or do about Katrina. Watching the news saddens and depresses me.
I have donated money, but is that enough and what more can I do. I watch the news and hear what the media is saying about the people of New Orleans. I heard at least one right wing journalist, say well "those people" in reference to the people affected by the hurricane. As if they were different then us. It is not their fault that there skin is darker then mine , or that they live in one of the poorest cities in the country.

The article in Salon said much of what I've been thinking. Why didn't anyone think about the fact that people didn't have cars and couldn't evacuate, it would be one of those things you should know about your city.

I also wonder why it is that we can send food, medicine and other aid to Asia for the Tsunami, but we can't get it to Louisiana or Mississippi?

As for looting, I am frustrated that the president thinks that all looting should be treated exactly the same. Is he really that dumb?

I can't say that if i was in that same situation and needed food, water, or diapers for my children that I wouldn't loot.

Why is it so hard for us to treat people like they deserve to be treated? Are we all that spoiled?

Ok Enough of my rant, do what you can (whether it is to donate your time , money or whatever you can) , if you can.