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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

move in memories

As I am sitting in my office this morning, I hear the rumble of the wood carts on the sidewalks. The sounds of move in.
Now although i would like to say I have fond memories of move-in, I really don't. I only recall being very hot, very tired, and usually getting rained on.

I have much more profound memories of moving out. Of having my mom and I toss things out left and right at the end of sophomore year, when I thought packing wasn't an necessity ...I was just moving down the street to an apartment. I remember in the end, throwing out my robe and my mom promising to get me a new one. Since I never moved back into a dorm situation where i needed a robe, I never did get that robe. I also recall not having any food to eat that last day and how my mom brought us some staple groceries including wonder bread and I how I ate it in the car on the short ride to my new place thinking it was the best food ever.