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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Holy People, Batman

So how is it that I am always surprised by the sheer magnitude of people that descend on the city during Fall Move in.

I have come to expect the grouchy parents, sweaty nervous freshman, the lost people with maps, but how is it that this year there seems to be just more people everywhere.

Maybe it is that move in is happening at the exact same time as public school starting , I am not sure, ....but my bus was 15 minutes late and packed this morning.

oh its going to be a long september

Prison Break

Last night I tuned into the premiere of Prison Break. (It was either that or Monday night football, which I had no interest in).

Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised by the show. The general plot is a man trying to save his brother from execution for a crime he didn't commit. He does this by getting sent to the same prison and planning to break out of prison with his brother.

The plot becomes more interesting when you add in that he needs to barter and bargin with the other inmates to get what he needs to get go through with his plan.

I also think the full body tattoo of the prison layout is cool, but that my just be me and my interest in tattoos.

Hopefully this show will catch on and not get canceled, or interfere with another one of my shows.