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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Fan Day

Today was University of Michigan Fan Day. It sounded like fun, go meet the players and get autographs and pictures. So we took Joseph and went at 10:15. It started at 10:30. Well there were already at least 500 people in line in front of us, and that probably is an underestimate, but we waited in line anyway. The way I see it, had it been any other event, my husband would have said lets go home, but since it was Michigan and Football he wasn't leaving. Armed with the digital camera and a t-shirt for the players to sign, we joined the line. Which kept growing and growing. So at 10:30 they start letting people walk into the stadium through the tunnel. This was cool, since it is the same tunnel the players use. It slightly reminded me of the Toledo zoo tunnel, but instead of just shouting random things, everyone was shouting "GO BLUE".

So we walk onto the field (it does feel like real grass by the way) and join the lines to meet and greet the players. The lines for the offense were really long so we started with the defense. We got about 10 autographs and were heading to get into the offense line which was wrapping around the stadium when the sky got black and it started to rain.....

Fan day was canceled......and we got soaking reminded me of our trip to boblo where we got soaking wet. Luckily we did get some good pictures and Joseph had fun and didn't mind getting wet.....He got to meet the cheerleaders :)

Maybe next year if we go I will think to bring an umbrella.

It was funny to see grown men covering their autographs with the umbrella while their kids got soaked. I heard some guy say " better now then at the Notre Dame game"....which I guess is true.(pictures coming soon)