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Thursday, August 11, 2005

And so it starts (again)

So starting today I will once again be out of the office. I apologize in advance to anyone who receives my out of office email and hates it(kiki that's you).

Here is my revised schedule

8/11 8am-10pm

8/12 7am-10pm
8/13 7am-7pm
8/14 7am-4pm

Next week I shall be in the office on a normal schedule Monday-Wednesday. I will be off Thursday and Friday in preparation for the wedding that I am in.


My wounds are healing and not looking so gross, I need to think of a better story of how I got the injuries though so when people as I have a better story.

Time off

So I had 4 days off recently and everyone keeps asking how my vacation was.
Well since the two weekdays I had off were mandated time off after working 66 hours in one week and since I am working 50 hours this week even though I had the time off, I don't really call it a vacation.

Now don't get me wrong I did enjoy it. I saw March of the Penquins with my mom and my husband and enjoyed it alot. Now I see why my sister wants a penquin. I really don't see why any penguin would want to mate though....