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Sunday, August 07, 2005

She can run , I can barely walk

Today, my sister Kiki is running in a half marathon. It strikes me as funny that she can run like the wind and that meanwhile I have trouble walking.

I can blame it on many things, working too much overtime, going out and drinking the night before, being tired and hungry, but none of these are really good excuses.

The only thing I can think of is that I am a klutz.

I was walking the block and a half from krogers to my apartment and fell flat on my face.

Now luckily the glass jar of spaghetti I just bought did not break as that would have just exasperated the situation.

So I fell and landed on my hands and knees. My palms suffered little if no damage at all , but my right knee and left toe bore the brunt of the accident.

After I fell the first thing I checked was that I hadn't broken anything(I hadn't) then I checked on my ipod (it was fine) ....and just as I was doing that , a woman yelled from down the street " are you ok?" I really wanted to say, "No, but my IPOD Is fine so I will be ok" ...but instead I said "yes, thank you" and picked up my mangled groceries and hobbled back to my apartment to survey the damage and clean up. Now luckily in addition to not breaking anything, i didn't wreck any of my clothes. So all total I have a skinned knee and a toe which I have scraped , and mangled the toenail of. I guess it could be worse.
(graphic photos removed)