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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The calm before the storm

I really should enjoy the fact that I can sit in my office and blog or sit at all. I will be onsite at conferences (yes I said conferences not just one but two) most of next week and the week after.

MY schedule will be as follows
7/31 7am-8pm
8/1 7am-6pm
8/2 8am -6pm
8/3 8am-4:30pm (part of this will be on the office)
8/4 8am-6pm
8/5 8am-6pm
8/6-8/9- 0ff
8/10 Normal in office
8/11 10am-10pm
8/12 7am-10pm
8/13 7am-6pm
8/14 7am-2pm

Monday 15 back to normal schedule although I am off Thursday and Friday for the wedding.

If it wasn't for the overtime this would so not be worth it....


So I am going to cut down on Chocolate ...why you ask...well because my Husband says it isn't possible for me to do. I have been allowed 5 grace days between now and the end of the year, but otherwise I am avoiding chocolate. These rules are subject to change.

Who would have thought

That it would be cold enough this morning that I actually felt a bit chilly on my way to was quite refreshing...but I believe short lived.