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Monday, July 25, 2005


So I am not coughing as much lately and I believe that my cough at the stage that is now in is related to heat, humidity and going in and out of the A/C.

If i am in the same environment for awhile my cough is ok, but changes in environment make my cough worse

out of the mouths of kids

I was told by jazzie that husbands need wife's to help them make the right decisions and stuff just like Corey needed Topenga on Boy meets world.

Sunday know how much I love eatting outdoors. Sunday was family day at my inlaws church. We arrived at 11:30 thinking we would miss mass (it started at 9:00) and would just bring over the food his grandma asked us to from her house. But no we had to sit through an hour of mass, which would be fine but at least 30 minutes was random announcements from people about stuff going on in their lives. After mass finished and the food was unloaded we sat outside in the heat, humidity and intermintant rain eatting. I had a piece of turkey, a small portion of mac and cheese and and ice cream cone because i was too hot to eat and kept getting bitten by bugs.

Luckily we went back to his families house yay a/c and had dessert and watched a movie, but then at 6 it was time to go back to our heat. I went swimming right after we got home....yay pool.

I can't wait til wed/thursday when it is supposed to be 70's


using the handy google pedometer,

I figured out I walked

Thursday at Art fair 3 miles
Friday at Art fair 2.5 miles
Saturday at Art fair 2.75 miles

Art fair overload

Not sure what possessed me this year to go to the art fair three days in a row. After going on Thursday night, I headed back out on Friday afternoon with some girls from work. We spent two hours out wandering about. Still not finding any one item that was the big hit this year. After being out side in the ungodly humidity and sun for two hours , we went back to our air conditioned office. I was so hot i drank 32 ozs of water in 15 minutes.

I also got sunburned, not sure how that happened since I had at least gotten a decent amount of sun at the pool this year.

On Saturday, my husband and I went down to the fair for another 3 hours ( i don't think we realized we were out that long).

Overall not sure why i did it, not too much was hot though and i think i've had my share for a while.