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Friday, July 22, 2005

art fair adventure

So we had planned on leaving at 6:00 after waiting for his mom and the kids for 1 hours to show up at our apartment they finally call and say they will drop jasmine off because joe was sleeping. So Jazz , D and I headed out at about 7. It was really hot and muggy. We parked at my work and headed down south u. The usual exhibits were there nothing great and wonderful that I had never seen. It wasn't super crowded on South U, but was pretty bad on State... We looked at food options at the state street area and weren't wowed so we decided to check out the food at the league in a we wanted around some more. We got free samples of Dove cucumber melon soap (it smells good) and looked at more art.
By the time we got to the league area we were tired ...D didn't find his crawfish there either so he was a bit sad until he saw that they had sweet tea..ick. So he went to get some sweet tea and Jazz and I were looking at the League fountain that had a tons of little kids in it. She wondered why the kids were in the fountain, and I told her they were probably hot and it felt good. She didnt' really get why they were in there in their clothes. Anyway at this time we see a teenage girl with her feet in the fountain and decide this was a good idea. And it was ....the water was so cold and refreshing to our tired feet, by the time D found us we were all relaxed and not ready to leave. But we decided we too were thirsty and split a smoothie (jazz paid and we were later to split an elephant ear with my money).So we got our drinks and went on our way in search of yummy food and more art.
By the time we got to maynard and state we were hungry. Jazz and I decided pizza was the best option and headed for cottage inn ...It started to look like rain.... Meanwhile D went in search of sausage we each got our slice and sat down was only sprinkling and it wasn't bad. We finished out slice and no D so we decided to split another. So I went to get it and the people working there gave it to us for free because it was about to rain...bonus for us.So we were munching out our half piece when D returned. We all finished and decided we should get our elephant ear and head back since it was a long walk back to oxford and it looked like rain. Besides, most of the booths had closed up even though it was only 8ish. ...they were scared for heavy rain which we had the night before and i guess caused many booths to be damaged.So we head towards the union...past the cube..where jazz recalled we went on the first day I met her. What a good memory she has. Anyway...sadly the Union didn't have elephant we decided to slip that and head back to the car and get ice cream later.So we walked all the way back to Oxford in the heat...and never did see any rain. It didn't end up raining until about 9:30 after we had gotten shakes with Jazz and took her home.All and all it was a good day.