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Wednesday, June 29, 2005


So after 28.5 hours of overtime this week and 3 still to go, my feet are in desperate need of a spa day. I think the fact that I have been wearing sandals doesn't help poor feet. Priority #1 when I get my overtime ...pedicure.


1. What is the total volume of music you own? I have 9.2 GB on my ipod, plus another 200 cds or so not on my ipod

2. What's the last CD you bought?
I think I downloaded get right by Jennifer Lopez the single recently. I haven't bought a cd in a store in sad since it used to be my favorite pasttime...I did download the fantasia cd a while ago.
3. What song is playing right now? No song on right now just the hum of my office ac...last song heard this morning was Sweetest thing by lauryn hill
4. What 5 songs do I listen to a lot?
My Boo by Alicia Keys and Usher, You are the Sunshine of my life by Stevie Wonder, Don't Phunk with My heart by Black Eyed Peas, 1 Thing by Amerie , Just a lil bit, 50 Cent....
This is a trick question though since it depends what playlist I listen to on which day.
5. What 5 people will I pose these questions to?
Nrgibby, Bstab, Julie, and anyone else who reads my blog.....