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Wednesday, June 15, 2005


My vacation starts in 7 minutes...6 minutes and 59 seconds....

I'm outta here :)

I shall update as I can of my vacation adventures


I am addicted to the pool. I have been every night since last weekend if not longer. I will not be able to go today and that makes me sad.

I will try to go tomorrow before I leave for l_ville.

Yesterday I went to the pool and there was a family there, about 4 people. Then the grandmother came and sat by the pool. She was called to the pool by a little boy (her grandson) to help with getting him on a raft.

She was having trouble from the side of the pool so she proceeded to just jump in the pool in dress clothes. Very bizarre.

Scary Movies

Why do I watch scary movies? Watched white noise last night and scared myself. I don't know why I do those things..I know I get scared by movies like that, yet I watch them anyway ...luckily I slept through the night..unlike the time I saw signs and was convinced aliens were in my apartment.